Approach Fast Stack Direct Wiring Harness

Approach Fast Stack is a leading manufacturer of custom aircraft wiring harnesses and an avionics dealer.  Whether your application is simple or complex, standard or custom, we have the manufacturing expertise and depth of knowledge with our 25 years in the business to satisfy your requirements.  We specialize in every airframe big or small, fixed wing or rotor craft, certified or experimental.   If you have a project ready for quote, or your concept is in the design and development stage, we are ready to help.  We understand how important communication and quick response times are today and run our business accordingly.  Throughout your install we will provide comprehensive technical support to assist in getting your project airborne!

Direct Wiring Harness Example

Schematic can also be found on the
IFR Base Certified page

Bonanza B36 – GMA 35c, (qty 2) GTN 750Xi, dual G-500TXi, GI-275,
GTX 345DR, GDL 69A, GFC 500, GSB 15, GEA 110

Customer Testimonials

“The hub and cables are of the highest quality, they are the type of items you would expect to see in a business jet.”

— Bruce Stein